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Kildare stolen tractor recovered in Killeavy

Published: 25 June, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Packie McDonald has praised local people whose vigilance led to a stolen tractor being reunited with its rightful owners. Councillor McDonald said, "Eagle eyed members of the community in Killeavy spotted an unusual tractor parked at an uninhabited house in Killeavy. They traced the registration and discovered that the tractor had previously been listed as stolen from the Kildare area. "The tenacity of these Killeavy residents led them to trace the owners of the vehicle and to alert them to the fact that the tractor was in South Armagh. It did not take too long for the rightful owners to make their way from Kildare to recover their property. "I wish to commend these local community activists on their sterling work. Robbery of farm machinery across the country is at an unprecedented high and it is rare that recovery occurs so this is a very good news story indeed."